geht nicht, gibts nicht!


Shutdown of Snake & Sternchen Fashion



Hello Follower

we are closing down the Blog for good.

Thank you for the great time we had with

all the Stuff we posted and for the

Support we had with the Sponsors!

Sadly there are hundreds of Blogs around

and when one Blog doesnt get Attention

anymore it makes no sense to Keep it

We will still see each other around inworld

Have a good and great time!


Nordsternchen Novo & DeejaySnake86 Resident

No 196

ym the secret groupgift april


Hello People!

Something new for the men out there now! :D

YM Designz

The Secret Mesh Outfit  (Comes with a Color Hud for the Tie)  newwww

Groupgift April Mesh Outfit newwww

Have fun Shopping Boys! :)


Number 189

ym camo pants color HUD


Hello Guys!

Recently i blogged the amazing Camo Pants from   *YM* Designz

now it Comes with a Color Hud with 9 Diff Colors!

Y-M Mesh Cargo Pants Army with Texture HUD  newwwww

Happy Shopping Boys :-)


Number 184

ym camo outfit


Yay Weekend! Here we got a nice high Quality Mesh Outfit from  *YM* Designz

Y-M Mesh Outfit Camo      newwww


Number 183

Y-M Mesh Men Boxer Animal limited Edition with HUD

(mehr …)

Number 182

ym skinny jeans necklace


some new cool stuff from *YM* Designz

Pants: Y-M Mesh Skinny Jeans with Suspenders Darian (Black, Blue, Brown) newwww

Necklace: Y-M Mesh Necklace Guitar Too Hot  newwww

Happy Shopping Boys :)


Number 173

ym designz means boxer nerd glasses



And once again another one from *YM* Designz ! woohoo :D

be Careful with that boxer, could slip off !

Mesh Men Boxer Flag USA

Mesh Nerd Glasses Jamie with a Color Hud to Change the Glasses!