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Number 208

pink cherry elana & chemise dress


 .::PiNK CHERRY::.


Dress: Chemise  Spring Flowers  different collor´s


Outfit: Bohemian  “ Elana“ different collor´s




Number 198

sheinside gruppenfoto 2

.:: SheInside – Fashion and more ::.



.:: SheInside – Fashion and more ::.
SheInside: Mesh Mainstore Urban Grunge Sexy Baggy Punk Style Jeans Tank Shoes Tattoos Female Piercings Skirt Shirts Hoodies Skin Shape Accessories Hotpants Dress Shop  /*Windlight Sky: „MorningGlory“*//

Happy Shopping  Lady´s

☻  Sternchen ☻


Number 197

sheinside gruppenfoto

.:: SheInside – Fashion and more ::.

Tunica Beige  with Boots

Skirt Stripe – Top  with Lolas Applier

String and Bra  with Lolas Applier

Mesh Shirt Rose and Pants with Belt

Happy Shopping Lady`s

♥ Sternchen ♥


Number 195

pink cherry deep cleavage halter dress zipped leather





Zipped Leather  „Gallant“/ Red  (different color´s) 
Deep Cleavage Halter  Dress / Black (different color´s)

Have a good Time

♥ Sternchen ♥


Number 190

sweet firefly cute all rounder jacket whats up


*+S.F.+*  Sweet Fireflys


Jacket: Cute All-rounder mesh  White/Rose ( different collor´s)  newwww ♥♥

Pants : Whats up White (mesh)  ( different collor´s)  ♥♥♥

thx kisses to you ☻

♥ Sternchen  ♥

Number 181

S.F. Whats up Honey Pants - Rose


*+S.F.+*  Sweet Fireflys

pants: Whats up Hony ( different collor´s) ♥♥♥♥ newwww 

thx for all

♥ Sternchen ♥


** S&C** Animal Instinct Pink Leopard   .::Designer Circle::.

** S&C** Fake Bake Hunt Items  –  ** S&C**

** S&C**  Holiday Bash Hunt Gift.-  DeMented DiStrict

** S&C** Fleur Dress   – ** S&C**

** S&C**   Kiss  Outfit  GFW 


Sternchen ♥♥♥