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No 196

ym the secret groupgift april


Hello People!

Something new for the men out there now! :D

YM Designz

The Secret Mesh Outfit  (Comes with a Color Hud for the Tie)  newwww

Groupgift April Mesh Outfit newwww

Have fun Shopping Boys! :)


Number 191

d-style dolly dress rose


Dress:  :: Delirium Style ::  Dolly Rose   thx ♥♥

Nail: Muah!  Black Latex  ☻

Hair: MAGIKA Hair Moment  newww  ♥

happy shopping sweety´s

♥  Sternchen  ♥

Number 190

sweet firefly cute all rounder jacket whats up


*+S.F.+*  Sweet Fireflys


Jacket: Cute All-rounder mesh  White/Rose ( different collor´s)  newwww ♥♥

Pants : Whats up White (mesh)  ( different collor´s)  ♥♥♥

thx kisses to you ☻

♥ Sternchen  ♥

Number 189

ym camo pants color HUD


Hello Guys!

Recently i blogged the amazing Camo Pants from   *YM* Designz

now it Comes with a Color Hud with 9 Diff Colors!

Y-M Mesh Cargo Pants Army with Texture HUD  newwwww

Happy Shopping Boys :-)


Number 188

dottie camou tube


new Designer ♥♥♥

Dress:  Camou  Tube  ( different collor ´s)  newwww ♥♥♥

Happy Shopping Lady´s

☻ sternchen ☻

Number 185

d-style bikbik slim shady tank dress


:: Delirium Style ::


Urban, Punk, Grunge, Casual, Baggie, Cute, Jeans, Sneakers, Tank, Skirt, hoodies, Male, Female,  Piercings, MESH ,Boots,Emo ,Fantasy,Hotpants, Sexy, outfits, Ripped, clothes, Christel Morane/*Dust“*/


☻ Sternchen ☻

Number 184

ym camo outfit


Yay Weekend! Here we got a nice high Quality Mesh Outfit from  *YM* Designz

Y-M Mesh Outfit Camo      newwww


Number 183

Y-M Mesh Men Boxer Animal limited Edition with HUD

(mehr …)

Number 182

ym skinny jeans necklace


some new cool stuff from *YM* Designz

Pants: Y-M Mesh Skinny Jeans with Suspenders Darian (Black, Blue, Brown) newwww

Necklace: Y-M Mesh Necklace Guitar Too Hot  newwww

Happy Shopping Boys :)


Number 178

fuck off 11 12 13 14


is Back !!!!

4 new Outsfits ♥♥♥♥


Groupgift Miss Sally

fuck off groupgift miss sally

Thx for all  ♥♥♥


Number 174 ♥

sweet firefly eye-catcher dress hot ride mini skirt


So Cute ♥♥♥


*+S.F.+*  Sweet Fireflys

Dress: Eye-catcher Dress White/Pink  thx ♥  newww

Skirt:  Hot Ride Mini  Black/Pink  ♥ newwww

Sweater: Sweet free Shoulder  – White  ♥♥

Thx for All

Number 173

ym designz means boxer nerd glasses



And once again another one from *YM* Designz ! woohoo :D

be Careful with that boxer, could slip off !

Mesh Men Boxer Flag USA

Mesh Nerd Glasses Jamie with a Color Hud to Change the Glasses!


NEW DESIGNER .m u t e.

Mute Gemini Dress

Dress: .m u t e.  Gemini Dress ( different color´s)  newww ♥♥

Hair:  Magika Blame ♥

Skin: .:cheeky:. Sally  Tan * C

Nail: Trendy Dolls  Perfect Nails

Happy Shopping

♥ Sternchen ♥

New Stuff

pink cherry desire mini dress black & latria Anise Hardy


Dress:  .::PiNK CHERRY::.  Desire Minidress (different collor´s)  neww  ♥

Shoes:  :: Latreia Foot Fashion ::  Anise Hardy  newww ♥

Hair: MAGIKA Hair Blame

HAPPY Shopping…..

Ready to Party????

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.:: BeautyCode ::. feat. .::PiNK CHERRY::.

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Trick or Treat or Candy???

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New Jeans **S&C**

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FRESH Jacket bei Snake & Sternchen’s Fashion! :)

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the first LC Fashion Man! woohoo!

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NEW!!!!!! from -Gitchee- Part I

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new Sweater from ** S&C**

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oops what time is it???? new from -Gitchee-

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Kruemelz‘ new Outfits! woohoo :D

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