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Number 206

dotties flowers hunt



Hide and Seek Hunt 01.05.-31.05.2013



– Dotties-



Prize: 0L


Dress:  Flower  Dress




Number 204

dotties belted skirt&top ruffle dress sweet top pastell

is Summertime


– Dotties-

Belt Skirt Jeans  & Tank Top  ( Poppin Penguin Hunt)

Dress: Ruffle (different collors) Mesh

 Top: Sweet Pastell (different Colors) Mesh



Number 199

d-style gruppe 5

:: Delirium Style ::

Powerd  by  :: Delirium Style ::

More Style for Your Life ☻

Hair : ploom

Number 191

d-style dolly dress rose


Dress:  :: Delirium Style ::  Dolly Rose   thx ♥♥

Nail: Muah!  Black Latex  ☻

Hair: MAGIKA Hair Moment  newww  ♥

happy shopping sweety´s

♥  Sternchen  ♥

Number 190

sweet firefly cute all rounder jacket whats up


*+S.F.+*  Sweet Fireflys


Jacket: Cute All-rounder mesh  White/Rose ( different collor´s)  newwww ♥♥

Pants : Whats up White (mesh)  ( different collor´s)  ♥♥♥

thx kisses to you ☻

♥ Sternchen  ♥

Number 183

Y-M Mesh Men Boxer Animal limited Edition with HUD

(mehr …)

Number 181

S.F. Whats up Honey Pants - Rose


*+S.F.+*  Sweet Fireflys

pants: Whats up Hony ( different collor´s) ♥♥♥♥ newwww 

thx for all

♥ Sternchen ♥